Eye-Pop 3D Photos

Every time you look at your 3D photo, you'll feel like you're right there experiencing that special moment all over again. Have an entire photo converted to 3D or add friends, family, or pets to one of our amazing 3D designs.

- Ready-made and custom-made designs available

- Professional design and vivid-color printing

- Friendly, helpful service

- Safe, secure ordering

- Unique photo gift idea



Eye-Pop 3D lenticular photos make perfect personalized photo gifts: wedding photos, engagement photos, family photos, memorials/obits, 3D/FLIP business cards & flyers, motivational/inspirational prints, and more custom photo gift ideas.


Ordering your 3D photo is quick and easy.

Ordering 3D photo is easy


Enjoy the fun and convenience of having multiple photos all in one right at your fingertips. Lenticular FLIP photos combine up to four of your favorite photos into one unique photo gift. A different image is revealed as you flip the photo up and down or side to side. Read more

Lenticular flip photo

The Magic Green Photo Booth is a creative and friendly design company specializing in the art of digital magic using 3D and green screen technology to create cool artwork for your home or office and fun, memorable experiences for your event.



Green Screen Photo Booth

Capture the smiles and imagination of your guests with our specialized green screen photo booth featuring your choice of quickly interchangeable 2D and 3D backgrounds such as movie posters, face/body swap, and much more. 


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No 3D glasses necessary. Each design comes with a lenticular lens which gives it the eye-popping effect.

First, visit the 3D shop.

Then, choose a design you like. You can either select a design as-is or you can personalize a design with your own photo or text.

If you choose to personalize a design, send an e-mail with the photo and text you would like to use as well as any other instructions you may have. Please remember to include your order number in your e-mail so we can add the correct photo to the correct design order.

For custom designs, please contact us for assistance.

3D stands for "three-dimensional". The three dimensions are height, width, and depth.

Yes, the illusion is the same. 3D technology allows you the viewer to feel as though what's on the screen is jumping right out at you. Our 3D prints are designed to do just that. We take flat images and create the illusion of depth and movement.

Yes! All payments are processed through Paypal, one of the most secure payment processing companies in the world. Making a payment with us is easy, fast, and safe.

Most definitely! Just call or e-mail us with your idea. The consultation is free. Rates for custom designs vary depending on the design.